Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who inspire people how to live a happy life, by developing their life skills to build meaningful relationships with yourself, your family, friends and colleagues at work.”

Relationships are Forever Foundation is non-profit, non-governmental organisation certified as a voluntary foundation by the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations in Malta. The Foundation was established by a married couple Julian & Joanna Sant Fournier, who have been working in the voluntary sector since 2002. They believe strong relationships are the foundation of a strong & stable society.

Happy life About us

Our mission

To inspire people how to live a happy life, by developing their life skills to build meaningful relationships with yourself, your family, friends and colleagues at work.
We develop innovative educational tools, coach and help people reflect, make choices and connect with others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and encourage communication between children, adolescents, adults and  couples all over the world, through various means, including but not limited to, collaboration with other non-profit organizations and entities pursuing similar objectives and through sharing and developing new tools and techniques to help build strong relationships.

Chancellor Urayana

Happy life About us

We also have created another education tool where children and families can learn communication life skills while playing a game. Friendship Cards are an interactive tool which can be used with friends at school and families at home. They help in the development of emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills, which empower the individual to cultivate positive attitudes.

Friendship Cards will provide children with ideas to make good choices that contribute to a happy and meaningful life. Friendship Cards will help children take positive actions to build a character based on strong values and healthy relationships.

Happy Children and Happy Families are the foundations of a strong and stable society.

“On Our Journey” cards is an accompaniment to live a happy life, helping us to reflect, make healthy choices, validate our values/principles and calibrate our life compass.

Experiencing the cards’ process will help individuals in their character formation and build meaningful relationships with themselves, their families, and friends on both human and spiritual dimensions. As you work your way through them, the direction you were meant to follow will become clear, guiding you towards peace and joy. When we know the difference between needs and wants and what truly brings us joy, we can live our happiest and most fulfilling moments.

The cards can be used in any stage of life. The content and the image of each card is meticulously designed to help the user reflect, analyse, and critically evaluate their entire life, including their identity and behaviour.

Chancellor Urayana

Couple Cards is an innovative voluntary initiative which will make a difference in society. The objective is to help couples develop the necessary skills to communicate, connect and strengthen their relationship. Each card helps the couple express an emotion and includes hints to enable the couple to discuss and understand their particular situation. Once a couple understands the concept, they will develop how to use the cards …. The focus remains to strengthen the relationship. What price would you pay to help a couple to build a strong relationship? It is priceless, so our idea is to make it available all couples all over the world.

The concept will succeed if each one of us believes in contributing part of our life for the good of society, we need volunteers who believe in the idea and share it with other couples. Once it works for you, please pass it on, the true joy and happiness in a relationship comes from giving, from sharing your experiences with others so they too can be happy.

Connecting Colleagues is a new tool thought of and developed to improve the type of relationships we foster in the workplace. Building on a methodology created by Relationships are Forever Foundation, in collaboration with UP Ltd Performance Coaching, Connecting Colleagues helps individuals working in the same environment iron out any conflicts or tensions by focusing attention on a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind human behaviour.

Connecting colleagues is a tool to facilitate conversation and start a process of understanding where otherwise emotions are quick to take over our actions.

By investing in your people, you invest in the success of your firm.

Chancellor Urayana

Therapy Cards are a tool that help and support clients attending therapy to explore their feelings or / and help them reflect on the abilities to process difficult times in their lives. The cards have been developed by Relationships are Forever Foundation together with a team of warranted counsellors.
The Therapy Cards pack is intended to be used as a toolbox to aid the therapeutic process.
The cards can be used at any phase of the therapeutic journey and can help to create a safe space where clients can talk about their feelings and explore and give meaning to the experiences they are going through. They can also be used to unblock the therapeutic process when it reaches an impasse.

The images on the front of the cards can help clients connect with the present moment, while the questions at the back can serve to help clients to reflect, analyse and critically evaluate their feelings or/and behaviours. The counsellor/therapist needs to use his or her professional competencies to facilitate the introduction of the cards, help clients connect with the cards and use them according to the client’s needs. This process of exploration can help clients become more attuned with their feelings and choose alternative behaviours that have meaning to them.