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Introducing Conflict Resolution – Teacher’s Experience

This week , followed by the previous lessons about action verbs, I introduced my students “Conflict Resolutions’.

First, I gave a picture about ‘Bob Bridge’ and asked them to colour yellow the people combined with their feelings at the moment. Most of the students coloured the persons who are happy and thet they are stabble with their family. I had only two students who were different from others. One chose a person is being pushed by another and the other student climbing a tree. We created a discussion about this result and how important that we live happy and in love with the others around you.

Then, I had showed them a part about Conflict resolution from the film Despicable me. I asked the students: ‘What happens if you have a conflict with the people you love or live with? The students had different feelings and discussed what issues can be risen.

After, I gave them a story; “If someone had stolen your pencil case, how do you feel, what moves? how to solve the situation?” Every student chose her/his cards by putting a popsicles.

It resulted, that most of the students chose these

Negative actions,

1. they get very angry

2. bully others or get rebellious

Positive actions:

1. Spending more time wit the others( to get to more each other well)

Making up: Friendship is EVERYONE WINS & We agree to disagree.

To end the session, I gave each student a paper to draw about best friends and how they spend their time.

On the whole. it was a very interesting session, the students loved the cards and the learned about trying to decrease the tensions when having a conflict and solve the situation together.

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