Helping couples to build a strong relationship by expressing their feelings and resolve conflict
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Connect to our feelings and share them with oor partner …. The cards help us start the beautiful process of connecting to the people we love
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Bad move
Help us realise and avoid certain actions which could do more harm and hurt the each other without even knowing.
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good move
An opportunity to become closer to each other , life is full of choices
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Making up
Means that we are ready to give each our relationship another chance
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What’s it all about

A fun way to help couples develop skills to build a strong relationship, encouraging them to express their feelings, discuss their differences and resolve them in a loving way

Follow the steps

The feeling set of cards help us connect to our feelings and share them with our partner … the cards help us start the beautiful process of connecting to the people we love

The Bad moves help us realise and avoid certain actions which could do more harm and hurt the each other without even knowling

Some times we are stuck in stalemate, Good Moves cards are packed great & beautiful ideas couples can do to explore the situation, understand each other and eventually find a way forward.

Once we have done a number of Good Moves we can Make Up. This a the most beautiful set of all …. The cycle is complete and our relationships has become stronger



CoupleCards is an innovative  voluntary initiative  which we believe will make a difference to society. The objective is to help couples develop the necessary skills to communicate, connect and strengthen their relationship.

Each card helps the couple express an emotion and includes hints to enable the couple discuss and understand their particular situation. Once a couple understands the concept they will develop way of how to use the cards …. The focus remains strengthen the relationship.

The cards can be used in any stage of life. The content and the image of each card is meticulously designed to help the user reflect, analyse, and critically evaluate their entire life including their identity, behaviour

The Illustrations of the cards and the different phases are meant to facilitate the externalization of experiences on external images with the hope that the individual experiences new and deeper insights.

The stages in the process

Even if you are love someone, its is necessary to have arguments or disagreements. That’s no big deal once you understand what’s really going on and how you can work things out together. These cards help you to:

  • Feel comfortable in saying how you feel, talking with each other and finding out what caused the disagreement;
  • Realise that life is full of choices
  • Bad choices/moves only end up aggravating the situation and will take you nowhere
  • While Good choices/moves will help us understand what happened and how we can resolve the situation
  • Focus on taking positive steps and avoiding hurtful behaviour so that you can make up and be good friends again
  • Reconnect to your feeling, reflect how you are feeling and why

Each card is designed to facilitate reflection, analyses and critically evaluate feelings, behaviours and outcomes.

Here is an example from the ‘Makng up’ stage.The cards are colour coded to reflect the phase.

Each card has a key text and picture to help visualise the message. The back of the cards contains a list of questions intended to make you think and talk about, the last point on the card is a reflection on a possible way forward

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