We are Performance Coaches that use a wide range of techniques to help you achieve excellence. Our aim is to show you the path to Unlocking your Full Potential for Ultimate Performance – Raising your game in business and life!

Our team members each bring a unique perspective and experience to add to the FIRE Model, a methodology and ethos we have developed from years working in various organisations, leaders, as well as, experiences from our personal lives that have brought much insight and perspective to what we do on a daily basis. This way of living enables us to bring alignment between our mental and emotional states to achieve FLOW. It allows us to understand and elevate the IMPACT we have on those around us, also based on clarity about the different ROLES we play in life, the respective Responsibilities these bring with them and the Relationships we build as a result thereof. Finally, it allows us to yearn, rather than fear, the concept of EXCELLENCE in everything we have a hand at.

We coach the FIRE Model through a variety of methods and outlets, including one-on-one consultations, team building workshops, Masterclasses, roundtable discussions, and the promotion of physical well-being. Our latest collaboration with the Relationships Are Forever Foundation to bring you the Connecting Colleagues resource, is tantamount to our continued efforts to ensure we are bringing you the necessary know-how, tools and resources to always be seeking to levelling up the relationships you build within your workplaces.

We’ve all been “stuck in a rut” before, and we want to walk, run, sit side-by-side with you to get out of that rut and FIND YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL!  


Connecting Colleagues is a new tool thought of and developed to improve the type of relationships we foster in the workplace. Building on a methodology created by Relationships are Forever Foundation, in collaboration with UP Ltd Performance Coaching, Connecting Colleagues helps individuals working in the same environment iron out any conflicts or tensions by focusing attention on a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind human behaviour.

Connecting colleagues is a tool to facilitate conversation and start a process of understanding where otherwise emotions are quick to take over our actions.

By investing in your people, you invest in the success of your firm.

Chancellor Urayana